Teen Talk with Renee: Youtube, Spotify, Audiobooks, Books & Video Games

Check out this letter from your Teen Services Librarian Renée! This week she is writing about Youtube, Spotify, audiobooks, books and video games!

What’s up?  Seriously, what’s up?  What’s going on?  What are you doing?  I need interaction!  I love my family, but I’d really like to talk to someone other than a family member right now.  I DO have friends, but all of them are busy with their own families and home learning and all that.  So, Let’s chat!  I’d love to hear how you spend your days, what you’re watching, reading, or playing.  Here’s what I’ve been doing this week:

I like to start my day with a cup of coffee and catching up on what’s happening in the world. The news has become a bummer lately, so I have been enjoying this: Some Good News with John Krasinski.  If you haven’t yet, you should check it out. We could all use some good news! 

Once I’m sufficiently awake (thank you caffeine) I grab my mask, select a playlist, and head out for a run. This week my music choice has been All out 80’s on Spotify.  The 80’s contained some good  jams. Give it a try!

With everyone working from home and trying to stay out of everyone’s way, I have a lot of alone time.  I’ve been using that time to catch up on my YA reading, or rather, listening.  I love audiobooks because I can listen while I walk the dog or deliver books or start the laundry or do dishes or make dinner or paint yet another room in my house!!!  Anyway, this week I stumbled upon an awesome listen that I think you might like. Dear Evan Hansen, the Novel, by Val Emmich.  I LOVED THIS BOOK!! 

Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel by Val Emmich, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

It was such an enjoyable listen, I finished it in one day, and it’s like 7 hours.  I have never seen or heard the musical, but I look forward to checking it out. I think we should all start our days with a letter to ourselves, stating how amazing our day is going to be! Just don’t let it fall in the wrong hands. 

The evenings are our family time.  This week we have been doing what I call a “Blast from the Past,” which has involved playing our older Wii games, such as Rock Band and Wii Sports, and digging out our DVD collection and watching our old favs. Here is what we watched:

DVD covers; Megamind, Over the Hedge, Flushed Away. Treasure Planet
DVD covers; Megamind, Over the Hedge, Flushed Away. Treasure Planet

I had forgotten how funny Megamind and Over The Hedge were. What are your favorite movies from the past?

So, that was my week. Overall, a pretty good week. How about you?

All the best,

Renée J

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