Writing Contest Entry: Little Red Riding Hood and the Unexpected Twist

Check out this short story from Isadora! All April long submit your short stories for a chance to be featured on the Library’s blog!

Little Red Riding Hood and the Unexpected Twist

By Isadora

Once upon a time, there was this girl named Little Red Riding Hood. One day her mother told her to bring some food to her grandmother for company. And Little Red (which was her nickname because the other version is just too long) asked, “Why can’t I keep her company?” And her mother said, “Well, because she eats her company.” “Oh,” Little Red said. “Thanks for telling me that.” And off she went into the forest to her grandmother’s house. She found some berries and added them to the basket, speaking to the animals around her as they came up. One of them was a wolf who asked, “Where are you going?” “Why, hello, wolf,” she said. “I was just headed to my grandmother’s.” “Oh,” said the wolf. “Why are you going there?” “Well,” Little Red said. “I am going to bring her some food for company. She gets hungry. See these berries?”  “Well,” the wolf said. “I make for great company myself. Should I join you? The woods can be dangerous for little girls on their own.” “Oh, no, no, no,” Little Red said. “I think I’m fine.” “Thought I’d offer,” the wolf said. Little Red continued on her way, but what she didn’t know was that the wolf was following secretly behind. When she had brought them close enough to see her grandmother’s house, the wolf ran around so fast she couldn’t even see the blur. When she finally figured out what was happening, he was knocking at her grandmother’s door. She heard her grandmother’s sweet voice ask, “Who is it?” The wolf said, “Ah. Company!” which was the worst thing he could have said. Little Red didn’t even have time to warn him. The door opened and he was yanked inside in a flash. The last she saw of him was the tip of his tail, and then the door slammed shut. Little Red waited a minute then walked up to the door to knock softly. “Who is it?” her sweet grandmother asked. “Little Red Riding Hood,” she said. “Little Red,” her grandmother said. “Are you here to keep me company?” “Absolutely not,” Little Red said. “I brought you a basket of food, but I’m not staying.” The door opened and there her grandmother was, smiling her familiar red smile and licking the wolf’s blood off her fingertips. “Too bad,” she said.


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