Tired Eyes? Try a Podcast!

Tired of your screen, but in need of a distraction? Try a podcast! Here are some suggestions from our staff, geared specifically this time towards the funny or unusual.

But first…it is ok if you don’t know actually know what a podcast is or how to get started! Podcasts are just audio programs with episodes; while many people listen on their phones or tablets, most can also be streamed on your desktop. You can subscribe, or just poke around and listen to episodes that interest you. Skip to the end of this post for some resources to help you learn how to find and enjoy podcasts.

  • Ask Me Another: NPR – This show bills itself as “an amusement park for your brain….” featuring music, comedy, trivia and celebrity guests.
  • But Why – A Podcast for Curious Kids, brought to you by NPR and recommended by Katie.
  • Everything is Alive – So funny…very weird podcast! – Angelique
  • Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, a weekly podcast from one of the stars of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (available from multiple podcast sources).
  • Go Fact Yourself  – Filmed with a live audience in an LA brewery, Go Fact Yourself asks two competitors questions about topics they have (mostly) chosen for themselves. Lots of sports and movies, plus occasional more random themes. They keep language pretty G-rated, though the subject matter is frequently not something that would hold younger family members’ attention. – Kate
  • Modern Love, from NPR, recommended by Angelique.
  • Short Wave from NPR, featuring 10 minutes every week day of “science for everyone, using a lot of creativity and a little humor,” recommended by Katie.
  • Stuff You Should KnowCreated by the HowStuffWorks team. Two friends exhaustively discuss their random topic of the day. Years of back episodes and relatively timeless topics mean you can look for topics that specifically interest you. The hosts try to produce a family-friendly show, and many of their topics are of interest to even elementary-school listeners.– Kate
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class – Another offering from the HowStuffWorks team, recommended by Katie
Listening to Podcasts – How to Get Started

Most of these sources have an app, but can also be accessed via a website. If you have a phone, some of these apps may already be downloaded on your system.

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