Teen Talk with Renée & Centaurus High School Librarian Ms. Turgel

Congratulations! You have made it through a semester like no other. After Thursday you can close your Chromebooks, stuff them in a drawer, and not look at them again for over two months! YAY! Summer vacation is right around the corner. How will you be summering?

This summer will definitely look different in our house. Our summers are usually consumed with summer jobs, going to the pool, bowling, and camping. As of right now it looks like we may be able to camp (the key word there being MAY), but I bet swimming and bowling are out, and probably jobs as well. What am I going to do with all these people hanging around the house?! Fortunately for my teens I have a long list of projects. I’m thinking they could build me a pretty nice chicken coop with all their free time!

I think it will be a summer of down time, which is OK. Plenty of times I have just wished to have nothing going on. There will still be hikes to hike (with social distancing and mask wearing for sure), bike rides to ride, games to play, and sunsets to share. And when things get desperate, coops to build!

If you are looking for things to occupy your summer time before your parents hit you up with hard labor, might I suggest checking out our digital library. I am much less likely to tell my kids to pick up a shovel if when I ask what they are doing, they respond with “READING!”. If you are looking for that next best read, check out Staff Picks for Teens & Teen Collection Connection Recommendations!

Another option for summer reading is audiobooks! You can listen WHILE doing hard labor (your friends will be SO impressed!). Many of our YA books come in audiobook format, but if you can’t find what you are looking for check out this free summer audiobook program from SYNC.

Need some more recommendations? Then check out these book talks from our guest this week, Centaurus High School Librarian Ms. Turgel!


However you spend your summer, make it a good one! Oh, and if you happen to have construction plans for a chicken coop, please send it to me!

All the best,


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