Kid’s Corner with Angelique: Water Play

Welcome to Kid’s Corner with me, Angelique! This time, we’ll look at a “kid” activity that all ages can appreciate! Need a break? Then head outside for an adventure and try something new this week!

The days are getting warmer, what can we do to cool down? Here are a few ideas for all ages–whether your child is curious and science-minded today, feeling creative and artsy tomorrow, or just wants to splash and take a break from the heat.

1. Water Balloon Toss: Try tossing balloons filled with water into different containers or tossing back and forth between two people without breaking.

2. Explore Your Local Creek, Pond, or Lake: Learn about what lives in your water’s ecosystems, such as plants like cat tails or, insects like water striders, and types of mammals and fish, or try your hand at fishing. Bonus: splash in the puddles on a rainy day!

3. Sprinkler Fun: Water the grass and cool down by running through, jumping and splashing in the sprinkler or hose.

4. Rainbow Xylophone

5. Fireworks in a Jar

6. Water Balloon Target Practice

7. Clouds and Rain

8. Ice Cube Painting

9. Cup and Water Race

10. Water Table: For older preschool children and above with adult supervision. Supplies include a cooler, storage container, bucket or large bowls. Add to the fun with measuring cups, play dishes, cars, sand toys, bubbles, rubber ducks, containers of various sizes, paint brushes, sifter, colander, squirt bottle (old detergent bottle), bubble wands and Tupperware.

Enjoy your week, and I can’t wait to hear all about how you’re staying cool! Share your creations and ideas with the Lafayette Public Library on Instagram by tagging @laflibraryco!

– Angelique

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