Random acts of kindness

Welcome back to another week of Kid’s Corner with me, Angelique. This week we are looking at ways each of us can share random acts of kindness with those around us; our family, friends, neighbors, and community!

Since Lafayette Public Library has been providing Curbside Holds Pickup, we have had a few random acts of kindness from our patrons, such as a beautiful thank-you card to the librarians, a bouquet of flowers, and a bag of candy. All of these thoughtful acts of kindness were unexpected but made an impact on all of the Lafayette Public Library staff. Thank you to the community for making us feel appreciated!

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. -Aesop


In this time of social distancing and time apart, some of us may be missing our time together and just being out in the world. With this distance there can be a sense of loneliness or sadness at times, but it is still possible to connect and have a positive impact on someone by doing a random act of kindness. Think about a time that someone did something kind for you; it could be sharing food or receiving an unexpected homemade gift or card, maybe a sibling helped you with homework, chores, or a project you were working on, perhaps a friend sent you a message saying they were thinking of you or paid you a compliment, or maybe there was a time you saw someone getting bullied and you stepped up to help them.

Have you heard of the term, “paying it forward?” This is the idea that you do a kindness for one or more people and that each of those people turn around and do a kindness for others, continuing on and on. Many writers over time have written about the ripple effect of how this concept creates ongoing positive change, both for the one receiving it and the one giving. In last week’s blog, I shared the news story of a local memory care center that had asked on behalf of its residents for pen pals to create connection and friendship. Each of has something to share with the world, and if we can share our brightness with someone who may be struggling, that gives hope and maybe makes their day a bit better.

What are some things that you could do for someone? Look around you, it may surprise you that even the smallest gesture can have an incredible impact. Here are some things you can do; no matter whether you are a big person or a small person, the random act of kindness and even intentional acts of kindness can only have lasting impact…

  1. Call and check in on a family member or neighbor who lives alone; ask if they need anything.
  2. Make a card or a craft for a neighbor.
  3. Plant a seed, let it grow, and then give away the plant.
  4. Walk someone’s pet for them.
  5. Chalk a cheerful and encouraging message on the sidewalk.
  6. Write a thank-you note to your mail carrier, or any other person delivering items to your home.
  7. Donate to your local food bank (donations currently being accepted at the Lafayette Public Library).

Want to see some more ideas? I have shared a few books below that you can borrow from our local libraries.

Book Cover          Book Cover         Book Cover

Book Cover              Book Cover              Book Cover

Book Cover                     Book Cover

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