Teen Talk with Renée: we are here for you!

Check out this letter from your Teen Services Librarian Renée! This week she is writing about resources to help you with school and beyond.

DING DING DING! School–AKA the kitchen table–is back in session. I hope, however your school is getting things done–hybrid, online, or small groups–that the transition has been a smooth one and you are finding your groove!

The Library is a very different place without the comings and goings of the teens. The Teen Zone has been devoid of laughter and the aroma of Takis since early March. What I wouldn’t give to hear that unmistakable crunch of a Hot Cheeto as I walk by just one more time. Ok, that’s not true at all, but you are still dearly missed!

While we are not yet open to the public, there are still many ways the Library can help you with the assignments that will soon be coming your way, tests on the horizon, and teenage milestones around the corner.

If you haven’t yet become acquainted with the library’s research databases, now is the perfect time. If you have a Lafayette Library card you can access hundreds of journal and newspaper articles, research papers, and periodicals on any topic your teachers will throw at you. No, this is NOT the same as just doing a Google search! You will find current, peer-reviewed, and citable information (plus easy-to-use tools to put citations in the right format!). Have fun looking stuff up. Databases are like amusement parks for info geeks like me!

Some of you might be planning on taking those oh-so-fun standardized tests this fall. We have copies of SAT Prep 2020, PSAT Prep 2020, and ACT Prep: put them on hold and pick uthem p using our curbside service.

Are you over 15 and itching for your freedom and ready to get that learners’ permit? I suggested you look into some practice tests before you head to the DMV (This is taken from first hand experience, DO THE PRACTICE TESTS!!). It’s free and much less painful then having to take the actual test multiple times (again, firsthand experience).

Until the day comes when the Library doors are open and you and all your snackage are once again making our library complete, I hope these resources help you to find your hybrid/home learning groove. I know you can do it-grooviness is strong with you!


All the best,


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