Your Library Story: Why I love the Lafayette Library

The Lafayette Public Library has always been there for me. I live about a block away from it, and my mom used to be a librarian with the reading buddies program. She would take me there all the time, and I partially grew up there. I have memories of going over to the pajama story time as a little kid with my sister and parents. Going to the library became a regular thing for me, where I would run over there most days after school, or after lunch. I memorized my library card number so I could go whenever I wanted to without needing to get it. In middle school, when I got home, I would usually go to the homework center at the library right away, and when I finished my homework I would go to the teen section, where there were usually some friends, and play some games with them. Later I would browse the shelves or the new books looking for something new, or pick up some holds, which there usually were plenty of. I especially liked the library on weekends, or in the evening, when there was less people and it was dark outside, because it felt like a safe place to be in. I had my favorite spots to read, work, and even a preferred computer to use. I hadn’t realized how much I enjoyed it, the normalcy of it all, like part of my daily schedule until quarantine started and I couldn’t do it anymore. The Lafayette Public Library will always be an important part of my childhood.


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