November Writing Contest: “Stargazing” by Willow B.


By Willow B.

Hi, I am Clara Moon and this is my story. One night I was stargazing with my dog (as usual) when I saw a shooting star blink in the dark, night sky but this wasn’t an ordinary one so I wanted to check it out and luckily it landed in my best friend, Marine’s, back yard, coincidentally she was about a block away. So in the morning, I head to Marine’s and knock on her door at about 7:13 am, she brought me in and offered me some tea (like always) and I didn’t want to be rude so I said yes, after tea we to her backyard and BOOM! I saw it, the star, right in my face, “HOLY GUACAMOLE AND CHIPS THAT’S HUGE!” Marine said as I went over to touch it but as I did Zap! Zap! then I got shot back into the fence and I went black for a while… When I woke up I was in my bed and Mom, Dad, Marine, and Marine’s mom were all clustered around me. They all looked sorry for me, but worse of all they said I was glowing! I was in shock. what would happen to me? When I got up I was floating! Maybe this was a prank but no Marine nearly passed out! And this is how my journey started. … Now I am starting 6th grade which means a new school. What you’re about to read is embracing for me so keep it down. When I walked to school with Marine we saw Thosha the mean girl that bulled us in 1st through 5th grade and she was here to pick on us once again. Anyways at school, I saw Thosha once again and she came over, kicked me in the shins, and then told Mr. Andrews (our lunch person) and told him I kicked her! But when I got angry something extraordinary happened, I shot a star out of my freaking hand and shot a hole through the stack of lunch trays! Later when Marine came over she purposely made me mad so I would do something with my so-called “powers”. what happened was I floated up in the sky and turn into this big ball of light and shot a beam at her!. … Now it is summer break again and I’ve done a LOT of training so it was time to start my legacy! I flew. Up, up, up. Into the sky. This was it. My time to shine like the stars above! I turned into the moon. This was truly stargazing! And this is the REAL story of the Moon Lady. The End!


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