Your Library Story: A Library Is a Gift For All

Many years ago, when I was remodeling my home on Beaon Hill or those long, hot summer days without air conditioning, our Library was my refuge. How pleasant and convenient to gather up news papers, magazines, and books, relax in a comfy chair in A/C and admire the Indian Peaks and clouds framed in those upstairs windows.

After retirement and choosing not to possess any electronic devices, the research dept. became my source for verifying information about worldwide subjects, like: Where is Ethiopia and Bosnia? Who wrote the music and lyrics for “America the Beautiful”? What is Joe Biden’s and PBS News Hour’s address and phone number for donations? I knew the poem about days of the week regarding birthdays except Sunday…”Bonny, Blythe, good, and gay…” which the library provided.

When my garden treasure chest, a gift to the kids of my Beacon Hill neighborhood, needed a new home, Dominique seemed overjoyed accepting this “treasure” for the summer reading program for kids. Just today, Renee found the tree species, size, and location in Colorado of this year’s White House xmas tree.. you can ask Renee for the answers. Whether homeless or a millionaire, for centuries, a library has been a gift for all. A safe place to explore all aspects of life… and all services and book borrowing are absolutely free. Smiles and thank-you’s to all!

What would I have done without you???

– Suzie B.


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