Your Library Story: The world awaits!

“Ever since I was a child, the library has been like a magical portal, transporting me to places around the world (and some even out of this world!), and introducing me to new friends, many of whom become beloved with time. Books have offered solace, companionship, joy, and adventure at times when the world seemed a bit too lonely and dark. I love browsing the shelves, finding new authors and titles to explore, and also revisiting old favorites again and again. I’m grateful we can still browse through online portals, but look forward to the day when I can spend an hour or two roaming the aisles, discovering book friends new and old. The library, while free, is a treasure beyond compare and among my favorite places wherever I live. I’m grateful for this resource that has added value, curiosity, hope, and meaning to my life in so many ways.”

– Amy L.

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