Your Library Story: tears of joy

“We closed our preschool doors in mid-March while we waited to see how this virus would play out. Maybe we would be back in session in April? Fingers were crossed. We waited. We finally planned to re-open our doors in June at a much-reduced capacity. Nothing was going to be “the same” as it had been in March.

What WAS the same was the library books. I sent a request to the library to have some books on our shelves before kids came to school. What I received was three brown paper bags of joy! I cried. The selection was amazing – we’d always spent time choosing our own books at the library. This felt like the most “normal” thing of our re-opening. Books are such a big part of the day for the children.

Thanks to the library staff for honoring our regular request of books for us enjoy since our re-opening…and until we can go back into the library.”

Jane Sprague
Friends ‘n Fun Children’s Center

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