November Writing Contest: “Final tress” by Michael L.

Final tress

By Michael L.

“What are you doing?” It was Andie. She was looking at me impatiently. Anyone else would keep going, not bothering to spare a glance around them as they ran towards the promise of a meal. Especially on days like The plain but gloomy night tricked my brain. As I walked in, the ring was quiet. The crowd waited, with intensity. I went through the path. Immediately I heard boos. Boo the crowd shouted, it tricked my brain. All I wanted to do was cry. I walked in the ring, great I muttered. Ben Silver came out. It wasn’t abnormal for the silvers to be in the final. Back ten years ago, Mr. Silver won the wrestling championship. He would then face back to back losses. My heart suddenly cracked, I needed to win. This is what I needed. My family was struck, gone, Left me stranded out in the middle of nowhere. I constantly thought about it, it just made me sick. “Why did they leave me?” I thought to myself. Suddenly, the announcer screamed. “IT IS TIME, THE MATCH YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR, WILL THE SILVERS WIN ANOTHER TITLE OR WILL ZENN TAKE THE TITLE!” It was time. The ring sounded, immediately there was trash talk. “What are you doing here, a kid that got abandoned by his family?” I thought to myself the comment. It hurt me, suddenly my madness took over. I jumped onto him, punching him in the face. I was boiled, but worried he was too. He suddenly grabbed me by the waist, and threw me down. It hurt, I screamed in pain. The crowd was loving it. I got back up, memories flowed through my brain. It was a long way to get here. The first round was painful, against Tom Jains, a brute force 200 lbs, with pounds of mussels. I barely outwit him as I got him exhausted and eventually on the ground. That was the most painful I’d been before the next rounds, full with bruises the second round wasn’t any better. I was against Dexter Spencer, A 4 foot beast with shriveled and muscular arms, and he was smart. He took advantage of all the pains on me. But Surprisingly, lost after a shocking throw down. And here I was, in the big moment. Minutes from what I always dreamed of and needed. It was time. I looked into Ben’s eyes, we went in circles. Then he jumped, the most ferocious I have ever seen. Suddenly, I ducked. He fell down hard. I punched him hard. Suddenly, it felt as if I won. He was frozen. I felt glory and happiness. Suddenly, I felt my legs getting me pulled down. I coughed in pain, he didn’t get knocked out. He was just toying with me. He also went down, but purposefully, He tried to tackle me. I held on. I used all my might as I was at a slight disadvantage, he was on top of me. I then felt all of my energy come together, the past on how my family left me. I was raged. I pushed him off of me as he tumbled to the ground. This was it, it was over.

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