Braindead? Try Brainfuse!

Does that history paper have you singing the blues? Can’t wrap your head around the circumference of the pizza? Prepositional phrases have you phasing out? Are your parents tapped out? Ready to use the old ‘dog ate my homework’ story? Two heads are always better than one, so prepare to FUSE your brain with a real-life tutor with the online, on-demand tutoring service, HelpNow by Brainfuse.

Brainfuse is new to the Lafayette Public Library, and we are so excited to offer this service to you, my homework-laden friend. HelpNow, from Brainfuse is an on-demand, use anywhere, online learning tool that offers tutoring, homework help, and study guides on everything your teachers can throw at you and for any grade level! Writing essay for 5th grade? Yup, they can help. Confused about 8th grade algebra? Oh yeah. AP World History got you down? They got you covered. College linear calculus? You bet your calculator!

Here is just a taste of some of the cool features:

  • Live tutors, from 2pm-11pm, on any subject
  • Expert writing advice
  • Study guides for AP, SAT, and ACT
  • Foreign language lab
  • Graduate School exams

Best of all, this service is completely free to you, my struggling sapien. You can access HelpNow through our website, or download the free HelpNow App. All you need is a Lafayette Library card or use your BVSD-issued Student 1 card. It’s as easy as opening your Schoology account and far less painful then hitting your head repeatedly against a wall.

Give your parents the night off and feed your dog something other than your homework. With a little help from Brainfuse, you’ll submit that essay, complete that problem set, and once again be teacher’s pet!

-Contributed by Renée (Enrichment Librarian)

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