November Writing Contest Entry: Livie

This contest has ended, but don’t worry we have lots of fun things coming up this month! Stay tuned for the upcoming Winter Break Reading Challenge. In the meantime, check out this short story from our November writing contest.

Livie’s Adventure

By Livie, 5th Grade

Once a upon a time there was a girl named Livie Locks,they called her Livie Locks because of her golden locks of hair that bounced around when she skipped, it was the name that she had been called for as long as she could remember.

One day Livie went to the library and found a book with no writing. She began to look through it and then checked it out. When she got home the book was glittering. A light began to swirl and it got bigger until it swallowed Livie up. She landed in a cave of crystals, started to explore and found a pile of weird objects. She picked up a flash light labeled “CAN SEE THE INVISIBLE”. She decided to turn it on and the moment she did she saw a nest of eggs and a Manticore coming at her. She cowered and out of now where her friend Lily came up from behind and killed the Manticore .

Lily told Livie that she had to take three tests to get out of the book. She took Livie to a hallway with three doors – one black, one blue, and one red. Livie chose blue and the moment she walked in she fell into the water. She climbed out and saw that she was in an abandoned water park. There was a sign above a gate in front of her that said “DANGER – POSSIBLE DEATH – THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO GO. So Livie decided to go through the gate and down a slide. As she was sliding she saw a wall in front of her. She put her feet out in front of her to stop herself but the wall never came and instead she went through it into a ray of bright colors. Then Livie felt a suck of air pulling her up. She began to rise inch by inch until she was in a room with seven statues and she he had passed the first test. One of the statues was a red dragon. Livie reached out to touch it and a sword appeared in front of her and the red dragon came alive and let out a big stream of fire. Livie held up her sword and blocked the fire and she ran towards the dragon swinging her sword. She struck the dragons heart and killed it. Everything disappeared and Livie found herself in a room with three men and a dead person. ‘’Who has murdered this person?” asked one of the men. ‘’This is your final test’’ said another. Livie inspected each man closely and she saw that the man that had not spoken had red under his fingernail ‘’you ‘’ she said and she pointed at the man with red fingernails. The men nodded and a portal opened and Livie stepped through and all of a sudden she was back in her room. She had passed all three tests and she was back safe. That day Livie returned the strange book to the library and she never went near that book again.

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