Spring into Staff Picks…

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It may not surprise you that the staff of the Lafayette Public Library and City of Lafayette are avid readers and consumers of media! As we head into spring, here’s a taste of what we have been reading, watching, and listening to!

You can always browse staff picks from one of the categories shown in a carousel in the Library Catalog, or navigate right to the list at lafayetteco.gov/StaffPicks. Looking for more ideas? Check out all our lists at lafayetteco.gov/LibraryBookLists.


TV series, drama/dark comedy | rated TV-M | recommended by Diana T.

Movie, biographical drama | rated R | recommended by Diana T.

Books & Audiobooks

Fiction | adults, older teens | audio recommended by Brandon C.

Picture books | babies-kindergarten| recommended by Lauren F.

Beautiful illustrations in this story about an octopus living among the coral reef. I have really enjoyed reading all the books from Divya Srinivasan to my toddler.

Nonfiction | adults | recommended by Morgan S.

Talk about being EMPOWERED

Nonfiction | adults | recommended by Emmi F.

This guide book provides a quality outline for setting personal and professional boundaries.

Nonfiction | adults | recommended by Linda B.

Fiction | grades 3-8 | recommended by Katherine M.

Fiction | adults, teens | recommended by Diana T.

Gotta steal a quote from a Goodreads reviewer…”I consider it to be the love child of Only Murders in the Building and the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime…”

Poetry and fiction | adults | recommended by Jamie S.

Poetry by the “Poet Laureate of Twitter” Tricia Lockwood who wrote the famous memoir “Priestdaddy.”

A reimagining of the classic Dracula tale, perfect for a cold winter night!

A unique mystery in fantasy setting about the strengths we inherit from our mothers… don’t want to give too much away!

Fiction | adults, older teens | recommended by Linda B.

Fiction | adults | recommended by Justin S.

Post Apocalyptic Tale, based in Erie, Colorado.

Fiction | adults | recommended by Betsey Y.

This series is so unique and original, the author had to come up with a new genre to describe it: “Silkpunk.” If you love incredible worldbuilding and ingenious characters, these are the books for you!

Fiction | adults | recommended by Melanie A.

Fiction | grades 6-12 | recommended by Kelly B.

“Slayer” by Kiersten White

Fiction | grades 6-12 | recommended by Kelsey P. 

“The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy” by Anne Ursu

This is a great book about a girl who never can seem to do anything right finding her strength and the strength of her newfound friends to beat a secretive enemy against (truly!) the greatest odds. This story will stick with you and remind you to always ask yourself: ‘who does this story or narrative serve?’

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