November Writing Contest Entry: Kaleo

This writing contest entry comes from Kaleo! Check out the story below. If you would like to win prizes and be published on the Lafayette Public Library blog, then read all about our National Novel Writing Month Contest for kids and teens!

Short Story

By Kaleo

I am Kaleo and I got stuck in a corn maze. I know it’s weird. But it happened. It all started when we were picking pumpkins. Then I saw the corn maze I thought it was a good idea but really it had it had a door OMG I go in and… I am in space oh no no no NO I must get out I turn back and the door is gone!

I had to Back Adventure through space and try to find a door that leads back to home and I found a spaceship but it was really busted up so I had to fix it I found a screwdriver a wrench and a hammer as space junk. And tried to repair it. So I repair the spaceship and it was like a really sci-fi spaceship and it had like jet boosters that had sonic energy and the controls that Autonet it. And then there was an asteroid field! Oh no I have to get around it.

I don’t want to get hit with the asteroid and then I saw the end the asteroids are moving really fast so I had to turn on the sonic and jet to get away and I almost got hit by one but luckily I saw it in the middle and then it went past me so I kept zooming as fast as sonic jet engines! And then I find the end of the asteroid field and there was another spaceship! I go in but there is no one inside the lights are broken they’re broken wires hanging from the ceiling then I heard a grown down there! I ran to the end but it was blocked. Looks like I had to fight this. I got my hammer and smash the zombie in the head! I had no idea that this had zombies in it and they said apparently it’s sci-fi and I went into the future so I had to get back to Mom she probably had like a mansion and a Tesla right now so I was fine. And then I remembered that I was still in space and I had to get out because I found a then I figured out there’s one alive person on the spaceship and his name was Bob Jeff the Builder hahaha I said. And the end I told him I have a good ship and you can come in it’s in really good shape. Okay he said! Then the zombie father I got my hammer out and smash the zombie in the head like I did the last tie but he kept going so I gave Jeff Bob the Builder, I’ll call him Jeff, the screwdriver and Jeff smashed the zombie in the head making the screwdriver go through! And then we ran.

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